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About us

Our Team

They are supported by a staff of Engineers who hold degrees in Structural Engineering & Civil Engineering along with a team of Draftsmen with an experience of minimum 5 years. As per the demand of the Specific Project, the outsourced agencies will be added. There is complete concord visible amongst the team which tirelessly works to achieve set goals. The prompt and zealous approach exhibited by the team is well appreciated by our clients. The service outcomes are transformed into ingenious experiences.


We feel responsible towards the environment that we live and build in. Hence we appreciate and encourage aspirants to harbour such motives. The In-house atmosphere can offer you advantages and benefits of good mentoring , site travel and learning experiences , practicing and attaining creation of intricately crafted drawings and working with team spirit. Should you find yourself relating to such an atmosphere, we would be happy enough to accommodate.


Ar . Anand Bansal

As an Architect he is well- versed with the business aspect of the design world and hence skilled to develop practical design solutions. He possesses a good sense of vision and a strong team- work ethics that help successfully integrate mechanical, electrical and structural elements into the design for unique requirements of Clients.

Ar. Chaitali Bansal

She exhibits strong drawing and sketching skills with an eye for detailing and a sense of aesthetics to create the perfect decor and efficient spaces which are translated onto paper to be further converted into actual buildings. Her primary focus is to innovate yet add structural and aesthetic longevity to all projects.